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From currency trading to speculating on your favorite stock price moves-ADStraders has it all. Join the financial markets' vast, dynamic, and exhilarating world with a global broker you can trust.

Forex Trading


Currency trading, also known as forex or FX trading, allows investors to benefit from small increases or decreases in the value of a currency. Currency traders use a forex broker as the intermediary to buy and sell currency pairs to enable the exchange between buyer and seller.

CFD Trading


Contracts for Difference or CFDs are a convenient way to trade all of the global financial instruments, including commodities, indices, equities and government bonds. For example, we offer index trading on some of the most popular stocks in the world, which means traders can choose to buy and purchase stock range that fits their trading strategy.

Bitcoin Trading


Bitcoin is an electronically generated and stored digital currency based on a dynamic and innovative new blockchain data sharing technology. You may go short or long, speculating on whether bitcoin's value will rise or fall. Our platforms allow you to take control of your business and give you access to all the vital resources you need to execute your business.